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With over thirty years of working experience, the staff at Black Cat Studio offers photography and print services to artists, collectors, galleries, estates, dealers and publishers. BCS will photograph your work digitally to deliver the highest quality reproductions of your of original artwork. We can also use our scanners on your film or original art to provide digital files to use on the web and for museum quality archival giclee reproductions.

what we do


Primarily known for his paintings of Sailboats, Jim was also the official artist the Americas Cup Races on SF Bay in 2014. BCS has been working with Jim for over 20 years, photography his work, 1st on fill and now digitally, and making the fine art prints which he sells through his Website: www.JimDeWitt.com.

Jim DeWitt – Artist

Trained in Fabric Design in Europe, Jay met Antoinette soon after she arrived in the USA over 30 years ago and have been working together since. Antoinette paints large, and in surreal themes involving, animals, aristocracy and the environment. BCS photographs and prints her work, which is available through Galleries and on her website.

Antoinette Von Grone – Artist

One of Americas Premier living landscapists, Russ moved back to Marin County from Montana 5 or 6 years ago, and quickly solidified a working relationship with BCS. He is also a world class fisherman and has written and illustrated several books on it. We not only photograph and print for him, we also maintain his digital archives from the let 25 years.

Russell Chatham – Artist

Painting has always been a passion of mine and the slow migration toward landscape has become a constant source of inspiration and challenge for me. Like the Hudson River School's reverence for the beauty of Nature, I am awed by the power and magnificence found along the California coast and in the Southwest.

Suzanne Siminger – Artist

our portfolio

  • Antoinette Von GroneGiclee

    Antoinette Von Grone
  • Mary Ann NardoGiclee

    Mary Ann Nardo
  • Caleb WhitbeckGiclee

    Caleb Whitbeck
  • Jim DeWittGiclee

    Jim DeWitt
  • Wosene KosrofGiclee

    Wosene Kosrof
  • Lane WeissGiclee

    Lane Weiss
  • Donna DuguayGiclee

    Donna Duguay
  • Kathy GrayGiclee

    Kathy Gray
  • TheArthur WrightGiclee

    TheArthur Wright
  • Kristin JakobGiclee

    Kristin Jakob