Fine Art Services – Photography

Photography of Fine Art, Antiques and Collectable Objects


Black Cat Studio takes photos of any Fine Art, Antique or Collectible Object.

We can provide the following film or digital media:

  • digital photography from 200Kb to 500Mb in RGB, CMYK, TIF, JPG and  other formats
  • we no longer work with film or film based photography

Services provided for (but not limited to):

Any 2D Works on Canvas or paper:

framed or unframed, framed under glass, prints, watercolor, collage, oil or acrylic, encaustic, fiber or cloth.

Any antiquity or family heirloom:

paintings, prints, jewelry, furniture, vessels…

Any Sculpture (3D):

in metal, cast or welded, wood, ceramic, paper, fiber, plaster, or stone, wall hanging or free standing, large or small, vessels, functional or furniture.

Any collectable:

stamps coins, jewelry, book plates, maps, toys…use your imagination.

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