Heirloom Services

Digitally repair, restore and print heirloom artwork


Do you have a painting, photo, piece of artwork, or antique that has been in your family for generations?

  • Would you like to make a copy, restore or re-purpose it?
  • Is it slowly fading or losing its color?
  • Has it been involved in an accident such as falling of the wall?

Black Cat Studios has the technology to photograph your old heirlooms, repair or restore them digitally, and reprint them, perhaps better than the originals.

We can copy, restore and reprint faded and damaged photos and artwork. We can restore the color, repair, sharpen and resize your heirloom images without altering or affecting the originals.

If you have jewelry, antiques, or any kind of collectibles we can digitally photograph and reproduce them so they can re-purposed into archivally printed visuals for your home or office.

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